Medical and Diet

To protect all cats staying at Holly's you must provide us with a current vaccination certificate (F3) for your cat/s at time of admittance. Important - we can not admit your cat without this. All vaccinations must be completed at least two weeks prior to boarding.

We request all cats be treated for fleas and worms prior to arrival.If worms or fleas are detected they will be treated at the owner's expense.

Holly's 24 hour on-call veterinary surgery is High St. In the event veterinary treatment is required during their stay your cat will be taken to your preferred vet where possible. In other circumstances our on-call vet will be contacted. All veterinary charges incurred will be the owner's responsibilty.

If you cat is currently on medications please ensure you provide Holly's with a sufficent amount for their length of stay. We recommend you provide us with extra medication in the event you need to extend your cat's stay. Any medications your cat requires are administered to them free of charge.


We provide all premium brands of tinned and dry foods and fresh mince. The cats are fed both morning and night on a diet as close to that which they eat at home. We do not provide veterinary prescription diet foods. If your cat is on a prescription food please provide Holly's with your cats required food. You are more than welcome to bring any treats or favourite foods you'd like us to give to your cat during their stay.

You are also welcome to bring along any special bedding or toys from home to help make your cat feel more at home.

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